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What Innovations Are Next for Future Cars?

One of the most exciting aspects of modern technology is that we never know what will be the next big thing. Future cars are no exception in this trend, and we can only dream about all the possible improvements. But let’s take a look at the foreseeable future. What car improvements can we expect to be around the corner?

Expansion of Pilotless Driving

The feature of an autonomous driving car is already within the car industry’s reach. Cruise control is already in use in some vehicles. It allows drivers to choose their desired speed and remove their feet from the pedals. It’s also astonishing that in some models you can take your hand off the wheel in certain situations. Car manufacturers have introduced software that will park your car without your assistance. It’s also able to drive your car for you in a traffic jam.

Huge steps towards full pilotless driving were made in recent years. Tesla has introduced autonomous navigation on some limited-access freeways. They also offer their clients a feature to summon the car to their spot right from the garage. It’s important to note that drivers are still required to supervise the car and pay constant attention to the situation. Tesla stated that they intend to upgrade their basic autopilot capabilities to full self-driving.

The future of cars will also be influenced by the laws and regulations that are currently in effect. These legal obstacles will have to be altered as they weren’t made with pilotless driving in mind. So, when will it be possible to reach the full car autonomy? There isn’t an exact estimation, but engineers have already entered the next stage of this process. Currently, they are trying to replace human eyes with numerous cameras, lasers, and sensors. The goal is to reproduce the car’s environment in three dimensions. This should allow the car to make navigational decisions on its own.