Wattage Calculator for Generator

After buying a generator, it is very easy to come across the power rating of the said generator during an inspection. For most people, they wouldn’t bother with the mathematical aspect of the power rating as long as the generator they bought is of good quality and performs to their satisfaction. But for the curious individuals, the promise of expected performance is not enough to satisfy them unless they do their own calculations to verify that indeed what they bought works as promised.

The easiest way is usually through the wattage calculator for a generator that can be found online where all you need to do is put in the values given by your generator. The other is by manually calculating it yourself.

What is wattage?

It is derived from the unit watts, which is a unit of power, which is the amount of energy required to do 1 joule of work per second. The simplest and direct way to calculate the wattage of a generator is through the well-known formula:

Power (P) = Voltage (V) x Current (I)

However, this formula works only in a system that is 100% efficient, which is only theoretical and impossible to achieve in today’s engineering. Due to this, there is the introduction of the power factor.

Power factor (pf)

This is the measure of how effective a system can convert volt-amperes to watts. This effectiveness is a dimensionless number that ranges between 0 and 1. If a system’s power factor is closer to 1, then the better the ability for this system to convert volt-amperes to power will be while a system’s power factor is closer to 0, then the poor the ability for the system to convert the volt-amperes to power will be.

Knowing the power factor of your generator will be very important if you want to know the real power consumption of the generator because this is what will be directly converted into the cost of operating the generator.


In theory, finding the wattage of your generator will be:

Power (P) = Voltage (V) x Current (I),


P is the power in watts

V is the electrical pressure in volts

I is the current

This formula works only for a system that is 100% efficient, which is referred to as real or actual power. But because we are dealing with a system that is not 100% efficient, then we will have to find the apparent power. The correct formula will be:

Watts (W) = Amps (A) x Volts (V) x Power Factor (pf)

How to calculate

While having the correct formula is a big step in determining the apparent power, there is one thing you need to take note before you start; the compliance label. The compliance label most often than not tend to show the maximum power instead of the actual power.

To compensate for this, you need to use a power meter. This is because of two reasons:

To get the actual power

To get the power factor

Once you have the correct measurement of these units, then you can calculate the wattage.


You buy a generator, and the compliance label is listed as 240V, and the amperes is 0.5A. In theory, your generator should be generating the following power:

Power (P) = Voltage (V) x Current (I)

P = 240V x 0.5 A

P = 120W

But using the power meter, you get a different measurement. A voltage of 230V and a current of 0.5A, but you also get the power factor as 0.6. The power, in this case, will be:

Watts (W) = Amps (A) x Volts (V) x Power Factor (pf)

W = 0.5A x 230V x 0.6

W = 69W

Understanding the difference between true power and apparent power is very important if you want to get the correct measurement of the amount of power your generator produces. This also important in calculating actual costs for operating your generator.

How To Replace The Wiper By Yourself

Car wipers are usually made of rubber, therefore, they can wear out as a result of wiping dust and rain from your windshield. When you realize that they have worn out, you can easily change them by yourself without taking your car to the mechanic. In fact wiper replacement is one of the car maintenance skills that as a car owner you are supposed to have. If you wish to replace the wiper by yourself you can follow the following guide:

i) Identify the parts you are supposed to change

When you analyze the wipers carefully, you will realize that they are made of three parts:

Rubber blade that wipes your windshield

Plastic or metal blade which is attached to the lower arm.

The lower arm which extends from the base of your windshield.

When it comes to replacement, you will not replace the entire blades. In this case, you will replace the rubber blades.

ii) Buying the rubber blades

Measure the size of your old blades using a measuring tape or ruler so that you get to know the size of the blade that you can buy. If both the left and right wipers are supposed to be replaced then you can measure them and record their measurements separately. You can visit the nearby auto parts shop so that you can buy your wiper blades.

iii) Replacing the old wiper blades

After buying your new blades, you can then remove the old ones before installing the new one. To remove the old one you have to raise the metal or plastic arm away from your windshield. You must be careful in holding the arm to prevent it from crashing your windshield.

Remove a small plastic stopper which is at the joint where the rubber wiper meets the plastic arm. This will enable you to unhook the old blade from the plastic arm.

Insert the new wiper blade into the same joint where you removed the old one. Adjust the new blade so that it securely hooks in a tight manner. Gently lay back your wiper on the windshield.

If you replacing both wipers, you can repeat the process again with the other wiper.

Get in your car and test if your wipers are sliding well against the windshield.

Maintenance Cost of a Luxury Car- Know The Cost of Car Maintenance

Owning a luxury car is a matter of pride because these cars are highly-priced but has the most advanced gadgets and are safer as compared to the other cars. Moreover, you have the option of customizing these cars so that you will become an owner of a grandeur automobile. But before you buy these cars, you should know the maintenance cost of a luxury car so that you will enjoy driving a car that offers you an unmatched driving experience. If you want to continue enjoying the superior drive, quality, performance, and engineering of the luxury car, you need to opt for regular car maintenance.

There are many benefits of car maintenance and the most important benefit is that it offers the reliability of using the car so that you don’t face any issues with the car operations. Moreover, the tire rotation and oil change services will add more years to the car so that it can run efficiently for a longer period of time. The expert technicians who offer these maintenance services will help in increasing the value of your car. Additionally, when you are thinking of selling your car in the future, you can rest assured that you will get a higher price when you get the car maintained regularly.

Even though the maintenance cost of luxury cars is higher, you will enjoy enhanced safety for your loved ones so that there will not be any instances of accidents or injuries. Therefore, it is important that you will need to look for experienced and trained technicians who will carry on the maintenance car efficiently. Hence, if you want to boost the performance of your car and improve its fuel economy, you should look for a maintenance schedule. Your car will become fuel-efficient and you will not have to face frequent repairs needs of the car.

Is It Cheaper To Maintain New Energy Vehicles- Know Maintenance Cost

If you want to purchase the best car for your requirements, you should look for new energy vehicles that are gaining immense popularity in the present times. But before you make a purchase, you need to find out is it cheaper to maintain new energy vehicles so that you can know the costs of ownership. The car maintenance costs of these cars are far less as compared to regular vehicles. Hence, you should purchase these cars as it is considered as the most cost-effective option for you so that you don’t have to spend money on the maintenance of the car.

Energy vehicles are also very beneficial in the long run because the energy consumed by the car is very low so that you will not have to spend money on fuel costs. It offers the best gas mileage for your car so that you will save money as well as the fuel consumption of the car. The car maintenance schedule is very important for your energy vehicles because it will keep your car in good condition all year round. Moreover, if there are any kinds of repairs need for your car, you should get it repaired by experts for this job. This is the best way of eliminating the need for replacement of the car parts so that you will save a considerable amount of money.

Energy vehicles also make use of clean energy that does not impact the environment adversely so that you will get the cleanest fuel. Moreover, you will not have to use gasoline for the car that is known to emit harmful fumes, and with a clean energy source; you will have less amount of maintenance for the car. These fuels have a less adverse impact on the car parts so that you will save money on the repairs and replacement costs.